Dear Customer..

Your business need a special performance to grow-up fastest and bigger than now.

We create special product for your performance hosting to give your company on the best performance.
Using a cloud technology we give your more security and more good performance to handle a terabytes your data and your files.

We’re using the best of 3 cloud providers such as:

1. Microsoft Azure
2. Google Cloud Platform
3. Amazon Web Service

All those our cloud providers where they are as our best partner so we can help you to increase of your company performance.

We will create for you all services such as Data Disaster Recovery, Big Data Analysis and Mobile Apps to create, develop, maintan, protect and secure your all various data in one place but you can view, control and analysis in your place around the world on your hand using your smartphone, gadget or mobile devices.

Call us know:
Eazynet Rintis Media – Your IT Solutions
Ph. 6221-5312-8527
Mob. +62-812-9182-1642, +62-813-999-63123, +62-818-0898-5500

Welcome to Eazynet DotNet. Your can explore our website, which you can looking our product or service and then you will make a good decision and join with us, as your assistant.

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